Life After College: 10 Steps to Build a Life You Love

LifeafterCollege_FCWhether employed or not upon completing their college degree, most people experience a significant “culture shock” while transitioning from student to professional life. In Life After College: Ten Steps to Build a Life You Love, authors Tori Randolph Terhune and Betsy A. Hays show recent, and not so recent, college graduates what they can do to successfully transition into this new stage of their lives.

Terhune, a recent college graduate, and Hays, a college professor, provide honest, humorous, and helpful suggestions to help readers thrive. Focusing on more than just success in the workplace, the authors offer ten easy-to-follow strategies and practical advice for all points of life—from time management at home and at work to making friends in a new city to budgeting. The book also covers key generational differences, the magic of mentoring, and the millennial validation vacuum. Life After College will help any recent grad build a fulfilling life—in and out of the office.

There is so much more to being happy and healthy post-college than getting a job, and anyone looking to successfully adjust to life beyond college needs to read Life After College.

Life After College Contents and Chapter Blurbs

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Editorial Reviews
Betsy Hays and Tori Terhune have penned the essential compendium for post-college life. It is as prescriptive as living with Dr. Phil without the video. This “food for thought” tome is a real recipe for mastering the day to day grind of building a five star career that will keep the graduate professionally prepared and personally fulfilled.
— Gerard Francis Corbett, Chair and CEO, Redphlag LLC; past Chair and CEO, Public Relations Society of America

They’ve done it again! Tori Randolph Terhune and Betsy A. Hays’ forthcoming book, Life After College is another home run in the authors’ book series. Presenting life after college in a fun and engaging manner, this book succeeds in providing solid direction for the steps needed after college. A great gift for every graduate to ensure success and a lifetime of passion in their careers!
— Donna C. Wertalik, Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business

Life After College offers a balanced, sensible approach to life as a young adult in America. The book is compassionate in its approach and conversational in tone as it guides readers through the transition from college student to working professional. It’s about personal branding. It’s about health and wellbeing. It’s about equanimity–finding that right balance between who you are and who you want to become. The narrative is accompanied by great stories of life lessons, told in an endearing way. Whereas Tori and Betsy’s Land Your Dream Career ought to be read by every college sophomore; Life After College ought to be read by every college senior. It opens the door to the many joys in life that college students want to realize.
— Douglas J. Swanson, California State University, Fullerton

Once again, Tori and Betsy have provided millennials with a practical, real, and sometimes humorous roadmap to success. The transition from college student to professional is a difficult one. Life After College provides tools and strategies for not only making it through this transition, but also thriving during this often tumultuous time.
— Timothy M. Stearns, Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, Executive Director, Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship